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PCCEO Head Start places emphasis on the importance of laying the foundation at an early age for children’s growth, development, and school readiness. The curriculum that is used to support teaching and learning is The Creative Curriculum. Creative Curriculum along with Learning Accomplishment Profile 3 (LAP-3) is used as a blueprint for planning and implementing developmentally appropriate activities in (5) learning domains: Language and Literacy, Cognition and General Knowledge, Social and Emotional Development, Physical Health and Development and Approaches to Learning. Teachers develop strategies and experiences in each domain that is specific for each child’s individual learning style, temperament and skill level. This goal is achievable only with the support of parents, our educational partners and community stakeholders.

Family Development Department

Using the Parent Family and Community Engagement Framework as a guiding principle, Head Start staff works to build relationships with parents that support:

  • Family Well-Being
  • Positive Parent-child Relationships
  • Families as Lifelong Educators
  • Families as Learners
  • Family Engagement in Transitions
  • Family Connections to Peers and Community
  • Families as Advocates and Leaders

Family Development staff work with a diverse group of community partners to provide comprehensive services and a wealth of opportunities for our families.

Parent surveys are used to determine what events and activities are planned each school year. These activities and programs offer social interactions and educational advancements for Head Start families. Some activities have become annual events because of the vast support of families. Winter Wonderland, Festival of Lights, Donuts with Dads, Pizza with Pops and the annual Parent Recognition Banquet are examples of annual events.

For more information about eligibility requirements, families should contact the Head Start Office located at 923 W. Millman or phone 309-671-3960.