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Community Services

Weatherization Program

Illinois Home Weatherization Program (IHWAP)

The Illinois Home Weatherization Assistance Program (IHWAP) helps low-income residents and households conserve fuel and reduce energy costs by making their homes more energy efficient. IHWAP also provides many health and safety upgrades ensuring safe and healthy homes. Energy conservation and health and safety measures provided through home weatherization can ensure citizens have access to more affordable energy services.

The following services may be available to eligible households that qualify:

  • Sealing cracks with weather-stripping and caulk
  • Provide insulation for attics and walls
  • Repair windows and doors
  • Check furnace to determine if it needs to be cleaned or serviced
  • Provide furnace repair or retrofit to update current system
  • Furnace Replacement (if deemed necessary)¬†


Family size 150% - Annual Income 200% - Annual Income
1 $19,320 $25,760
2 $26,130 $34,840
3 $32,940 $43,920
4 $39,750 $53,000
5 $46,560 $62,080

Certified staff will assess the home by conducting pressure testing and diagnostics to determine building tightness limits. Using blower door equipment, which measures airflow, the leakiness of the home will be determined. This will determine what work can be done to save the most energy. Weatherized homes are inspected to make sure the work is correct and complete.