Manual Academy SkillsUSA students have taken special steps towards recognizing Head Start students in their building by hosting a literacy event for students.

“SkillsUSA is a career oriented leadership organization focused on individual success at home, in the classroom, the community, and the workplace.” Sandra Burke, a coordinator for SkillsUSA explained. “The experiences and knowledge gained provide an excellent platform for career development and success.”

Middle school students at Manual Academy conducted a community service literacy skills project with children enrolled in the PCCEO Head Start program at Manual Academy. SkillsUSA students took time to read to students and teach them different vocabulary words associated with the books. At the end, each child received a book that was donated by “Look. It’s My Book”, a non-profit organization that assists children in Kindergarten through Fourth grade in improving reading and educational skills. SkillsUSA is a Carver Center program funded by the United Way.



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