On May 28th, PCCEO Head Start installed 22 new iStartSmart Preschool Elite Computers. Each classroom will now be able to take advantage of the revolutionary learning platform that focuses on developing 18 core kindergarten readiness skills and four entry-level kindergarten skills essential for success.

The research-based classroom solution features adaptive teaching technology that moves children from emerging to more advanced levels of game play until they reach kindergarten readiness.

iStartSmart Elite also allows teachers to monitor each child’s progress. Each time children log in, web-based progress data is summarized in easy-to-understand reports that support informed instructional decisions leading to improved child outcomes. This is what makes PCCEO Head Start Education Coordinator Stephanie Bragg most excited. “We are in an informational world and these computers will provide a new way to educate our children. It will improve hand eye coordination but most importantly allow teachers to plan courses and develop curriculum”.



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