PCCEO in partnership with the City of Peoria hosted a public meeting for input on the 2020 – 2024 Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Consolidated Plan. The Consolidated Plan is a planning document required by HUD. Every five years, the city creates its Consolidated Plan, which guides the distribution of federal and state dollars for a variety of housing, community, and economic development plans. In a typical year, the City receives about $2.5 million from HUD.

There were approximately 50+ people in attendance. Joe Dulin, Assistant Community Development Director opened the meeting and Kathryn Murphy, Grants Coordinator conducted the presentation. Each participant completed surveys on how they thought the funds should be allocated.

During the presentation, IDG Architectural Firm presented a draft for the MacArthur St Corridor Plan. IDG brought four Architectural students from Prairie View, TX to develop this plan. IDG Architectural is a Black-owned firm that has created a plan for Peoria’s 61605 area. The plan seeks to establish a true commercial corridor on MacArthur St, residential housing development, training & education sites, open spaces that address health and recreation, a Museum and Cultural Arts Center along with a Banquet Hall. The Final plan will be presented to the Peoria City Council on August 27th.

We ask that everyone that wants to see a better tomorrow be present at the City Hall meeting and request that the City of Peoria makes a commitment to better serve the Southside. The process begins with YOU. Join us August 27th and share in this life-changing event.



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