Southside Community Core Initiative Pilot Program Report 2015

Southside Community Core Update

PCCEO has partnered with Greater Peoria LISC to offer the Community Core Initiative on Peoria’s South Side.

The Community Core Initiative aims to create demonstrable, visual impact that addresses South Side as identified by residents and local leaders: blight and safety. This comprehensive approach aims to achieve a “ripple effect” of positive change. Resources and community assets are focused within designated blocks within each neighborhood to create core improvement zones.

The Community Core Initiative includes a number of programs designed to address resident concerns. All residents living within Community Core Initiative boundaries are eligible.

Paint & Porch Program

This program focuses on exterior home improvements. This includes painting of siding, trim, or window trim; porch repair and stabilization; porch and front door painting; front step repair; replacement windows; front door replacement; and front porch roof replacement or repair.

Lawn & Landscaping Program

This program focuses on landscaping improvements. This includes removal of overgrown trees, removal of overgrown brush, mulching, the addition of appropriate plantings, and sod or grass seed (in extreme cases).

Locks & Lights Program

This program focuses on home additions geared towards safety. This includes door locks, window locks, front porch lighting, rear porch lighting, and alley lights.

Vacant Lot Program

Residents within Community Core Initiative boundaries may collaborate on vacant lot projects, i.e. community gardens or pocket parks.

For more information please contact Robin Berry 497-1098.