Spring is the time for school field trips and outdoor activities — but maybe not this year. How to replace those favorite activities for the kids while they’re on their extra-long “spring break”?

One idea comes from zoos around the country.

Head Start families can take advantage of virtual animal safari trips via various zoo animal cameras and participate in their online animal activities. Below find a list of six of our favorite virtual zoo field trips. 

1. San Diego Kids

With 10 live cams and hours of archival footage, there is enough wildlife wonder at the San Diego Zoo to study a different animal every day for weeks. If you don’t know where to start, our favorites are the playful baby elephants or the lively penguin cam.

2. Zoo Atlanta

Roly-poly pandas and their antics are a perennial animal-lover favorite. Zoo Atlanta has a panda page with a live camera, information on a panda keeper’s job duties and regular panda news updates — like behaviors, the differences between red pandas and giant pandas and how keepers tell individual pandas apart.

3. Houston Zoo

The Houston Zoo has six live animal cameras. They have old favorites like giraffes and elephants, but they also mix it up with flamingos and leaf-cutter ants.

4. Ellis Island

Scholastic has an entire suite of virtual field trips, but their excursion to Ellis Island is both entertaining and information-packed, making it a Head Start favorite. Using an interactive map, video tour, and stories from present-day immigrant children, it explores immigration stories throughout American history through the lens of the Ellis Island entry point.

5. Georgia Aquarium 

The Georgia Aquarium has compiled a ton of fun and engaging resources to help teach about their animals and the ocean from afar. From live streams to lesson plans, they’ve got you covered. With 13 different underwater webcams showcasing piranhas, penguins, and everything in between, there is always something to keep your kiddo engaged.

6. Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden

The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden is live-streaming a Home Safari on its Facebook page each weekday at 3 p.m. EST, where you get to meet different animals at the zoo.



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